In the beginning of all,

there was sound.

As time move forward and

we evolved through various forms,

we started to ask questions

to understand this.


"What was that sound?"


"What can we hear?"


"Is it really sound?"


"Is space and sound the same?"


Slowly we come to an understanding,

a universal truth,

"Everything that exists in this

and other worlds,

starts and ends with sound"

With this universal truth,

the once hidden possibilities

have been opened up and

we have been shown

the limitless amount of possibilities.


I came to understanding this

when I started exploring crystal bowls.

I learnt that from

these pure crystal bowls,

I have complete control to create beautiful

and rich harmonics

and am able to explore

the vastness of possibilities of sound.


The sounds, tones,

melodies and harmonies

that come from

crystal bowls have power to

vibrate our cells,

our souls, help with blood circulation, metabolism, endocrine and healing.

It also help resonates,

adjusts and activates our charkuras.


This power isn't just limited to just us

but to all living things.


When I use these crystal bowls,

I don't just heal myself

but I heal the whole area around me.

This is the gift crystal bowls

have shared with me.


It is the gift that is my music

and the original sound.

Such possibilities and knowledge

that was once hidden has been

gifted to me and it is my desire to share

this gift through my voice and sound.


To create a bond through music to

people, nature,

the earth and the universe

This is the joy in my soul

that I wish to share

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